Classes of Members:

There shall be three classes of members in the Society, viz.,

  • Active members
  • Affiliate members
  • Honorary members

Active Members:

Any Individual, firm, establishment or company directly related to Travel Trade & having an established place of business in Uttar Pradesh and is one of the following shall be eligible for membership as an Active Member of the Society.

    1. Travel Trade professionals approved    by    Government    of    India,    Ministry    of Tourism or Uttar Pradesh Tourism.
    2. Travel Trade professionals registered with Service tax department under Travel / Tour/ Transport / Business Auxiliary services Or / And registered with labor Office department of Uttar Pradesh.
    3. IATA approved Travel Trade professionals.
    4. Travel Trade professional’s having valid membership of national travel trade organizations – TAAI, TAFI, OTOAI & IATO.
    5. Hotels or Restaurants, approved or classified by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
    6. An airline, International or Domestic.
    7. Institutes for hospitality/tourism/travel studies offering courses approved by Government of India or Uttar Pradesh.
    8. District Tourism Promotion Councils.
    9. Departments of Government of India engaged in tourism related activities within Uttar Pradesh.
    10. Departments of Government of Uttar Pradesh engaged in tourism related activities.
    11. Any establishment not covered under any of the above which in the opinion of the Managing Committee should be admittedas an active member.

Affiliate Members:

Any individual, firm, company, institutions or establishment engaged or associated with travel & tourism trade not covered in Active Membership criteria; with established place of business in Uttar Pradesh Or any other State or Union Territory of India shall beeligible to be an affiliate member. The affiliate member shall have a right to participate but shall have no right to vote in the meetings of the Society.

An affiliate member shall by notice in writing registered with the  Society  nominate  one  of  its  Officers  to  represent  the institution  in  the Society.

Honorary Members:

Managing Committee may at its discretion admit any person as an Honorary Member of the Society. The  Honorary  Members  are not  required  to  contribute  to  the  funds  of  the Society.

Entrance Fee & Subscription:

Active and Affiliate Members shall contribute to the funds of the Society an entrance fee in lump‐sum at the time of admission andregistration as a member and an annual subscription on or before the 31st May of each year.   The quantum of entrance fee andannual subscription shall be as decided by the Managing Committee from time to time.

Current Membership Fees

Active and Affiliate:

One Time Application Fees Rs. 2000.00 + GST

Annual Membership Fees: Rs. 5000.00 + GST

Total of Rs. 7000.00 + 18 % GST for first time members in form of cheque of demand draft favouring “ Travel Trade Association of Uttar Pradesh” or through NEFT bank transfer. Please write to to get bank details.

Renewing members need to pay a fees of Rs. 5000.00 + GST per year.

Admission of Member:

        1. An application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form and recommended by 2 active members of the Society. The Managing Committee shall have absolute power and discretion to accept or reject  any  application  without  being  bound  to  give  any  reason  and  the decision of the Managing Committee shall be final.
        2. The Managing Committee shall in special cases have the power to allow any Individual, firm, establishment or company to becomea member of the Society for such purposes subject to such conditions and upon payment of such sums as the managing committee may in their absolute discretion think fit.  In such cases, the Managing Committee shall have the power to and may dispense payment of entrance fees.

Admission of members shall be restricted to persons recommended by the Managing Committee or the General Body of the Societyfrom among persons who are engaged in lawful activities connected with the travel & tourism industry. Any application   for  membership   shall   be   made   in   the   specified   form   and recommended by 02 members of the Society. The application shall be considered by the Managing Committee and the decision of the Managing Committee thereon shall be final.

Enrolment of members:

Members can be enrolled in the name of the Individual Travel Professional, firm, establishment or company under which they carry on their business and shall for all purposes of the Society be represented by the person nominated as their representative in their application for membership or subsequent renewal application. Such nominee shall be entitled to exercise all or any of the rights and privileges of membership as regards attendance and voting at meetings and otherwise generally as effectually as the member represented by him/her. The nomination made in the application may be altered by the member by notice in writing to the Secretary. The nomination will become effective after the Secretary has acknowledged the receipt of the writing containing the nomination. However, no alterations can be made  after  the final voters’  list is published by the  Returning  Officer to  the election to the Managing Committee.

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