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Travel Trade Association of Uttar Pradesh was formed to fulfill the void and the necessity of an Association of Travel Agents in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We strive to work for the betterment of the travel fraternity through various programs, trainings, trade show and various other activities.



  1. Name: The name of the Society is “Travel Trade Association” (hereinafter called the “Society”) may also refer as “TTAUP” in short form.
  2. Address: The Registered Office of the Society shall be “TTAUP, Ground Floor, 13-A, Jopling Road, Nanpara House, Lucknow 226001” or at such other place as may be decided / amended by the Managing Committee Members of the Society.
  3. Area of Operation: The Area of operation of the Society shall be in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Nature of the Society: The Society shall be a non‐profit making charitable society, with aims and objects specified in this Memorandum of Association.
  5. Objects: The Objects of the Society shall be:-

To promote inbound / outbound tourism in the State of Uttar Pradesh and to promote the interests of all persons engaged in activities connected with travel & tourism sectors.

To invite and organize study tours of travel agents, tourism promotion agencies and travel writers with the objective of disseminating information on tourism potential.

To undertake tourism promotion efforts in India and abroad by conducting seminars, workshops, exhibitions, study classes, tours and visits and publishing books, magazines, periodicals, travel guides, information brochures and advertisements.

To undertake or to engage consultants for tourism promotion studies, and to identify opportunities and threats and disseminate such information to the members.

To undertake training program for the staff and members of the Society and other interested students in the travel and tourism industry.

To render help, arrange for and encourage and promote celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals conducive to the objects of tourism promotion.

To react to the policies and practices of the Government and local authorities, that may have an impact on the tourism trade in general.

To establish, promote, manage or assist in the establishment, promotion or management of any other body, association or Company or to amalgamate with such body, association or Company whose objects or aims are similar to that of the Society and to become a member of and/or to subscribe to such other body, association or Company for bona fide furtherance of the objects of the Society.

To enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other Organization, society, trust or association having objects similar to those of the Society and to join any such Organization, society, trust or association and to get affiliated or grant affiliation to any such Organization, society, trust or association having similar objects.

To raise funds for carrying out the affairs of the Society through donations, membership subscription, stall rent, exhibitions, tuition fees, advertisement in souvenirs, donations, gifts, benefit shows, sales of gift items, dinner/tea meetings etc.

To acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise any movable or immovable properties, rights, interests or titles therein.

To borrow from bank or other financial institutions or individuals or members, any amounts that may be necessary for carrying out the objects of the Society subject to such limits as may be specified by the members in the General Meeting from time to time.

To conduct such other business, purchase or sale, hire or lease of any movables or immovable for the benefit of the travel trade in general, or for raising funds for the Society.

To spend the available funds for the promotion of the objects of the Society.

To lend or advance money belonging to the Society to any of its employees or others on such terms as may be decided by the Managing Committee from time to time.

To invest the surplus funds, that may be available with the Society in bank deposits or other Government Securities or trust securities and realist the same as per the directions of the Managing Committee.

To receive, hold, and possess any property including securities of any kind and to construct and maintain any building.

To donate funds belonging to the Society for any public cause of national or regional importance or for the promotion of the tourism industry in general.

To frame rules and regulations and byelaws and amend the same from time to time with the consent of the Managing Committee members.

To do all things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them, provided, however, that any contributions by the Society to or co‐operation with any other trust, society or project having as its sole objects all or any of the aforesaid objects shall mean furtherance of the objects of this Society.

The management and control of the Society is entrusted to the Managing Committee with three years terms to be elected by the general body of members and the management shall be carried on in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The details of the Members of the Managing Committee are as below

Founder Members

Mr. SMA SheerazSheeraz Tours, Lucknowinfo@sheeraztours.in9935324732
Mr. Vivek PandeyPearl Int. Tours & Travels, Lucknowtravelaffairsbureau@gmail.com9935900993
Mr. Mohd AzamCitylink Travels, Lucknowm.azam@citylinktravels.in9935488000
Mr. Sandeep SrivastavaTourland India, Lucknowsandeep@tourlandindia.com9389485666
Mr. Rajeev AroraRayhan Travel House, Lucknowrajeev@rayhantravel.com9956025252
Mrs. Gayatri KhannaEves Tours & Travels, Lucknoweves.tours@gmail.com9335206136
Mr. Pradeep Kumar ChaurasiaTravel Zone, Varanasitravelzonevaranasi@yahoo.com9415226002
Mr. Avinash GiriTravel Wize, Lucknowtravelwizelko@gmail.com9839015040
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